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Behind the Daniel Henkel. Struktur I.Über mich –Chronologie: Abitur Promotion –Persönlich: Fachwissen, Erfahrung, ToDo II.DeTeCon Erwartungen.

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1 Behind the Scenes @ Daniel Henkel

2 Struktur I.Über mich –Chronologie: Abitur Promotion –Persönlich: Fachwissen, Erfahrung, ToDo II.DeTeCon Erwartungen –Kurzfristig –Mittelfristig –Langfristig Verantwortung VerantwortungLeitung

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4 1990: Neue Horizonte Schulwechsel: Thüringen – NiedersachsenSchulwechsel: Thüringen – Niedersachsen Eichsfeld Gymnasium:Eichsfeld Gymnasium: –Neue Freiheiten –Englisch in USA/Oxford –Jugend forscht Wettbewerb –Eigene Firma zur Computerberatung/Verkauf Hervorragende Vorbereitung auf StudiumHervorragende Vorbereitung auf Studium


6 1995: Studium in Ilmenau Wi.-Ing.-Wesen (ET, Marketing, Finanzierung)Wi.-Ing.-Wesen (ET, Marketing, Finanzierung) Abschluss: DiplomAbschluss: Diplom Beratung/Werksarbeit:Beratung/Werksarbeit: –Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH: Lotus Notes Datenbank –Otto Bock GmbH: MS Access Db (VBA) Bergfest 95: Finanzvorstand, SponsoringBergfest 95: Finanzvorstand, Sponsoring Swing und sci e.V.Swing und sci e.V. Verantwortung


8 1998: Moskau und Rolling Stones DAAD StipendiumDAAD Stipendium 4-Wochen Russisch Sprachkurs4-Wochen Russisch Sprachkurs –MIRBIS –Pushkin Institute August 98: Börsencrash, KonzertAugust 98: Börsencrash, Konzert Seitdem: Freunde und KontakteSeitdem: Freunde und Kontakte Fremdsprache


10 1999: Praktikum, Leicester, UK Water Software Systems GroupWater Software Systems Group –Kooperation mit DeMontfort University ProjektcontrollingProjektcontrolling –Industrieprojekte/Uni-Forschung –Meilensteine, Verantwortlichkeiten –Finanzierung und Budgetierung Cambridge CAE ZertifikatCambridge CAE Zertifikat


12 2000: Lotus/IBM, München Diplomarbeit: Post-Merger IntegrationDiplomarbeit: Post-Merger Integration –Hypo/Dresdner Bank, Daimler/Chrysler, IBM/Lotus –Kommunikation problematisch –Lotus PMI Suite / KM Implementierung in Lotus NotesImplementierung in Lotus Notes



15 2000-02: Fulbright Scholarship University of Colorado, BoulderUniversity of Colorado, Boulder Interdisciplinary Telecommunications ProgramInterdisciplinary Telecommunications Program –Degree: Master of Science in Telecommunications –Data Networking, Wireless Technologies –Strategic Planning, Business Plan Preparation –Law and Regulation Teaching Assistant: Data CommunicationsTeaching Assistant: Data Communications

16 2002: Extracurricular International FestivalInternational Festival –28 countries, 3500 participants –Food samples, entertainment, booths –Budget: $20,000, 25 student volunteers –Chair of Festival, treasurer Business Analyst: Wireless LANBusiness Analyst: Wireless LAN –MindCommerce Publishing LLC, Denver –Report: Capitalizing on Wireless LANs leadership Motivation, Delegation


18 2002-03: Infineon, USA Fiber Optic R&D Center, Longmont, COFiber Optic R&D Center, Longmont, CO –Transceiver development Assistant to director of R&D NAAssistant to director of R&D NA –Market studies, prepare decisions –Roll-out of eRoom DMS Logistics planning for pilot lineLogistics planning for pilot line –Forecast demand, track usage –Interact with 15+ vendors leadership Impatience


20 2003/04: Infineon, Berlin, GER Transceiver MarketingTransceiver Marketing –Specification sheets, use cases –OEM manufacturing coordination Test setup for first 4Gbps transceiverTest setup for first 4Gbps transceiver Preparation for PhD work in GermanyPreparation for PhD work in Germany Optimism


22 2004-08: PhD Research Years I External PhD student in IlmenauExternal PhD student in Ilmenau All research work in Boulder, USAll research work in Boulder, US Communication with unmanned aircraftCommunication with unmanned aircraft –Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTN) –Wireless radios, routing strategies –Plane swarming algorithms

23 2004-08: PhD Research Years II Class: R&D and Portfolio ManagementClass: R&D and Portfolio Management –Product selection and stage-gate processes –Portfolio development for Alcatel-Lucent Class: Project ManagementClass: Project Management –Knowledge areas in-depth, real-world project –PMI member, will certify in June 08

24 DeTeCon: Future Possibilities Short-termShort-term –Leverage technical/business expertise in daily projects –Find mentors and build connections Medium-termMedium-term –Work with in-house experts (technology, processes) –Knowledge building: articles, talks, conferences Long-termLong-term –Develop new business models for telcos and cellcos –Enter developing markets and connect the world –Build/maintain strategic client relationships

25 Conclusion MeDeTeCon Loves travelling/relocating Global Technical, analytic abilities Telecom solutions Business background Strategy Consulting Open, social personality Client focused

26 Thank You for your patience!

27 Backup Slides

28 Vision – Mission - Values Vision: To enrich peoples lives by transforming the way the world communicates Customers First Innovation Teamwork Respect Accountability Ensuring that our custo- mers thrive, our business grows, and peoples per- sonal communications experience gets enriched. Mission Values

29 Research Strategy & Focus Bell Labs main R&D facility Develop technically advanced products Conduct fundamental research Create innovations for ALUs new products Current focus Wireless network modeling WiMAX technology Next generation cellular networks

30 ALU SWOT Analysis WeaknessesStrengths ThreatsOpportunities Worldwide presence IP portfolio Innovation capability WiMAX leader Financial situation Merger integration Product line confusion Wireless broadband All-IP networks Emerging markets Few big customers FCC regulation Fast technology pace Strong competitors

31 Financials Shares down 47% YoY Q307: op.margin 1.6%, net income -258M 12.36B market cap

32 Markets & Customers Market segments along wireless network lines 2G voice – CDMA, GSM 3G voice and data – WCDMA, EV-DO 4G all-IP – LTE, WiMAX Fund/Platform – CR, SDR Main customers in cellular network industry Verizon Wireless Deutsche Telekom China Telecom Opportunities in WISP market

33 Competitors Strong worldwide competition Asian players are growing fast

34 Project Selection Methodology

35 New Project Sources Customer input Employee idea process Alcatel-Lucent Venture University Cooperation

36 Value Scorecard Criteria – scale {0, 4, 7, 10} Option Value (3) Strategic Fit (9) Innovation Content (7) Prob. of technical success (5) Prob. of commercial success (6) Core Competency (4)

37 Resource Limitations Estimated 2.2bn R&D budget (total) At disposal now: 360 million (wireless) 2G (10%): 36m, 3G (25%): 90m 4G (40%): 144m, F/P (25%): 90m Full Time Employees Not the bottleneck

38 Portfolio Findings 29 projects evaluated – c:11, o:10, d:8 17 projects funded – c:7, o:8, d:2

39 Balance Example Plot X – Risk Y – Value Size – Strategic Fit Innovation Content: HighMediumLow

40 Summary & Outlook Alcatel-Lucent strong innovator, but distracted by merger integration Tailored project selection methodology supports financial and subjective criteria Currently 17 out of 29 projects funded 328M spent, 32M contingency Portfolio: strategic fit, optimal value and balance Strong performance expected in 2009

41 Portfolio Findings 29 projects evaluated – c:11, o:10, d:8 17 projects funded – c:7, o:8, d:2

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