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European application Nina Häußler & Tanja Koppenhöfer.

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1 European application Nina Häußler & Tanja Koppenhöfer

2 1234567812345678 Structure 1.What is an application? 2.Europass in general 3.Basic information 4.Cover letter 5.CV 6.Language Passport 7.School report & qualifications 8.Differences between countries

3 1234567812345678 What is an application? application CV cover letter school report application portfolio front page picture qualifica -tions

4 1234567812345678 Europass in general The europass Curriculum Vitae The europass Language Passport The europass Certificate Supplements The europass Mobility The europass Diploma Supplement http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/home

5 1234567812345678 Basic information -inform yourself about the different countries -a friend or your parents should check your application on mistakes -write on white paper without any art

6 1234567812345678 Intership Details Place: 5-star hotel New Delhi, India Duration: 5 months Payment: 5000 INR Support: accommodation, food during working hours Working hours: 6 days per week, 9 hours per day Possible start: anytime Description: We are seeking a qualified Waiter/Waitress to join our dynamic and fun team. The successful candidate should be flexible and responsible for providing a service to our clients and staff ranging from setting up and delivering beverages, ensuring areas are clean and tidy, maintaining stock levels and restaurant set up. Prerequisites/ skills needed: Job experience: qualification or experience in hotel/ catering industry Languages: Very good English skills, another European languages is welcome Other: very good communication skills, open-minded and friendly personality If this sounds like you we would love to receive your application. Apply below. John Miller,Recruiting Coordinator, Number One Mansingh Road, New-Delhi 110011, India

7 1234567812345678 Cover letter

8 1234567812345678 Curriculum Vitae

9 1234567812345678

10 1234567812345678

11 1234567812345678

12 1234567812345678 Language Passport http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/home

13 1234567812345678

14 1234567812345678 School report & qualifications sehr gut

15 1234567812345678 Differences between countries Facts and details that you need in your CV Australia: Name awards, positions of responsibility and other skills (football team captain, typing skills, driving licence) UK: Stick to a maximum of two pages UK: Hobbies and personal achievements should never be included on your CV Spain: In Spain you will have to provide your passport ID number Switzerland: You must write your CV in reverse chronological order

16 1234567812345678 Sources http://www.bewerbung-tipps.com/vorlagen/lebenslauf/details/eu- muster-393.htmlhttp://www.bewerbung-tipps.com/vorlagen/lebenslauf/details/eu- muster-393.html http://www.europass.at/was-ist-europass/lebenslauf/ http://www.absolventa.de/karriereguide/bewerbung/europaeischer- lebenslaufhttp://www.absolventa.de/karriereguide/bewerbung/europaeischer- lebenslauf http://www.eu-info.de/arbeiten-europa/jobsuche-arbeiten- europa/europaeischer-lebenslauf/http://www.eu-info.de/arbeiten-europa/jobsuche-arbeiten- europa/europaeischer-lebenslauf/ http://www.jova-nova.com/bewerbung/lebenslauf/europaeischer-cv- ein-schuss-ins-knie/http://www.jova-nova.com/bewerbung/lebenslauf/europaeischer-cv- ein-schuss-ins-knie/ http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/de/documents/curriculum-vitae http://www.online-bewerbung.org/ http://www.staufenbiel.de/ratgeber- service/bewerbung/lebenslauf/lebenslauf-europaeischer-lebenslauf- europass.htmlhttp://www.staufenbiel.de/ratgeber- service/bewerbung/lebenslauf/lebenslauf-europaeischer-lebenslauf- europass.html http://www.netzwerk-ebd.de/aktivitaeten-projekte/college-of-europe- brueggenatolin-studium-stipendien/bewerbung/http://www.netzwerk-ebd.de/aktivitaeten-projekte/college-of-europe- brueggenatolin-studium-stipendien/bewerbung/ http://www.bewerbung-tipps.com/vorlagen/lebenslauf/details/eu- muster-393.htmlhttp://www.bewerbung-tipps.com/vorlagen/lebenslauf/details/eu- muster-393.html Global Studies lesson

17 Thank you for your attention! We wish you a nice week in Germany.

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