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17.12.2009 27.05.20161Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/10.

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1 17.12.2009 27.05.20161Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/10

2  Die Adventwochenenden Die Adventwochenenden  Am ersten Dezember Am ersten Dezember  6. Dezember – Nikolaustag 6. Dezember – Nikolaustag  Am 24. DezemberAm 24. Dezember  Die Weihnachtsfeiertage Die Weihnachtsfeiertage  Weihnachtsmärkte Weihnachtsmärkte  Weihnachtsmann oder ChristkindWeihnachtsmann oder Christkind 27.05.20162Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/10

3  Most German families celebrate the first, second, third and fourth advent before Christmas (always on Sunday). Normally, they light up a candle and get together for a delicious meal. Most of the families buy a christmas wreath holding red candles. christmas wreath 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/103 Zurück zur Übersicht

4  On December the first, Christmas season starts officially in Germany. Most families start playing Christmas music and most importantly, kids get their advent calendars.  Most advent calendars in Germany contain chocolate or simply little pictures. Within the last couple of years calendars containing little toys have become really popular.advent calendars 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/104 Zurück zur Übersicht

5  On the 6th of December, most German children celebrate “Nikolaustag“. At night on the 5th of December kids put their polished shoe outside and the Nikolaus fills them up with little toys, sweets, money, etc. over night.NikolaustagNikolaus  Most German schools would also celebrate “Nikolaustag”. Pupils would sit together, have sweets and simply enjoy themselves. 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/105 Zurück zur Übersicht

6  Heiligabend is the most important day for children in Germany as they already get their presents on the 24th of December (in the evening).  Most German families would go for a walk or go to church together before the kids get to open their presents at app. 6.00pm.  The presents are always located under the Christmas tree in Germany. Christmas tree  After having opened all the presents, the entire family has a traditional dinner together.traditional dinner 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/106 Zurück zur Übersicht

7  The 25th and the 26th of December are two of the most important bank holidays. Both days are used to visit relatives. Most Germans travel a lot during those two days.  Additionally, all the shops stay closed those two days to guarantee that employees can spend time with their families.  Most TV and Radio stations would play and broadcast special Christmas shows.  Most importantly, school is closed as well. Pupils all over Germany are on their Christmas break until right after New Year’s Eve. Adults go back to work on the 27 th of December. However, most people take off. 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/107 Zurück zur Übersicht

8  Christmas markets have a great tradition in Germany. They are extremely well visited. Berlin Christmas Markets attract several million people each year. Christmas markets  The most traditional and prestigious Christmas market is located in Nurnberg.  One can buy a variety of handmade Christmas decoration, sweets, food, hot drinks at a Christmas markets.Christmas markets 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/108 Zurück zur Übersicht

9  In the north of Germany people tend to call Father Christmas “Weihnachtsmann”. However, in the more religiously dominated south of Germany there are still a lot of people expecting the “Christkind” for Christmas. Strangely, nobody really knows what the “Christkind” looks like. 27.05.2016Felix Rosenbusch FLA 2009/109 Zurück zur Übersicht

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